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Unused Transcripts

From the transcripts: Here I printed all of the transcripts and looked at the transcripts that weren’t used in the appeal or reply brief to fill in the blanks and organized them by each person. I’m not sure if the appellate court reads the entire transcript. I hope that they would because the regular court didn’t seem to comprehend anything.

Mine: I testified I completed the transitions program. But Tammi testified that I didn’t. Even the records from Mayo showed that I completed the program.

I do have insight into how my mental health affects my ability to parent my son and how my mental health affects my son. Pages 577

My testimony about canceling meetings and “failing” to show up to appointments and meetings. This only happened three times when my phone was having problems, court and when I having anxiety. The other times I was in the hospital. I also testified that I did not sleep through any meetings. Page 589 and 590

Deenas testimony.

Could my sons lack of “separation distress” be because he was with his grandparents and knew he was going back to his grandparents? It is not normal for a 5/6 year old to have separation anxiety. Research shows only 12% of children experience that.

She said he wasn’t “demanding, needy, clingy, or whiny.” This was also not true. He was actually very active with me during the assessment. I would ask for what reason would my child need to be “demanding, needy, clingy, or whiny”? Children do not behave that way 24/7.

My “lack of engagement” for the first 15 minutes doesn’t foretell anything about the relationship between my son and I. For all he knew we were waiting for an appointment. It would be the same if we went to the dentist or somewhere else that had toys that my child would go off and play by himself. Yet she accused him of being “accommodating” to my “lack of engagement” because of that. During appointments my child isn’t “demanding, needy, clingy, or whiny.”

She says “he does not look to her to get his needs met” is completely false. In the report when my child had food stuck in his teeth, he immediately came over to me to assist him in getting the food out. Therefore he did come to me to get his “needs met.” She then makes a claim that she thinks my son doesn’t “trust” that I will consistently be available to him and he’s “normalized” that. She said he has “experienced this” over time prior to CPS intervening.



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