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Reply Brief to the Appeal

The OHPP was not created with me or during a family group conference

I do not have bipolar disorder

I did not scream and yell and tear up plants.

I never quit therapy. I wanted to seek a new provider for a better fit. I got a new therapist the same month I quit meeting with Janice

I did not decline video visits and I was suicidal because I wasn’t getting visits with my son.

From March to august I was in “crisis mode” not from august to November.

They talk about how I “missed meetings” and “parenting time sessions” with my son but don’t talk about Tammi’s missed meetings. I missed only 2 meetings the whole time because I was sick and 2 other meeting because my phone wouldn’t charge and I thought I had a court hearing.

Nobody told me how my “behavior affected”my son. And I did understand why HHH was concerned.

Those “credibility determinations” by the court are bullshit (excuse my language)

I would have taken domestic violence classes if they were recommended. I never denied or refused them like Debra Groehler said.

I did not get my case plan until July

I also never said anything in the testimony about my “behaviors” rubbing off on my son. They took what I said out of context. I also never said that I “raised him to understand my behaviors.”

They make a statement on how I’ve been hospitalized “numerous” times since the case has started. I went there only two or three times. That is not the same thing as “numerous.”

Both digital and paper copy were not given to me until July. The email she sent proves that.

I would ask how can someone go over a case plan with you when you don’t have one? Tammi told me that she would be the one creating the plan so I was just waiting for her to give it to me.

I did not get both versions of the case plan until July. I mean she sent me an email in July asking me to sign the plan.

Page 231 & 232 of the transcripts she testified that she tried explaining to me what was on the paper. She never tried explaining to me what was on “the paper” of the case plan because I didn’t have the paper. She also testified that she explained why she put certain things in the case plan. We did not have any conversations about “why” she put certain things in the case plan.



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