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Testimony of Deena McMahon, the “Parenting Assessor.”

Page 116, number, the interview wasn’t done at family services. It was done at the 2117 building.

Page 117, number 16–17 I did not “stare” out the window.

Page 118, 3–7, she twisted what I said to my son.

Page 118, 15–21, she continues to twist things out of proportion. She made it sound like I did things I never did. This is disgusting.

120, number 8–9, what “cues” did my son display??? I responded to my son when he had some food stuck in his teeth! I waited for about 5 minutes before she even offered to help. I even asked her if I could take him to go wash his hands, but I couldn’t. So instead she gave me a wipe.

Page 119, 18–21, what “expectations” was my son supposed to have of me exactly? This was only a 2 hour interview that I felt uncomfortable in. I’m not sure if anyone expects a child to constantly have all these “expectations” especially in such a short period of time.

Page 120, numbers 9–14, here she is making assumptions. I didn’t feel comfortable around her. What did my son need exactly? How was I “supposed” to respond?” Especially in a 2 hour setting?? Like I said I was very uncomfortable. So I didn’t respond like I normally would have.

Page 120, 2–8, she has no right to question how my son thinks. My son is able to remember things and actually does pay attention to certain details that other children don’t. She doesn’t know that because she hasn’t raised him for the past six years. Every child is different and has a different intellect which is something she should know.

Page 22, 2–7, children also DONT always have “separation” stress when they leave certain situations which is all dependent on the personality of the child. They all behave and respond differently even in the same situations. That doesn’t mean one of the parents isn’t doing a good job. That’s just the way children are. This is apparently all something this “professional” is supposed to know. No she’s just a social worker. Maybe it was actually a good thing my child wasn’t in distress because he probably doesn’t have a single clue what is going on except for the fact he is going back home to his grandparents for a visit. There’s nothing stressful about that but I’m sure there would be stress if he was going back home to a strangers!!! This woman is sick.

Page 123, 22–25 and page 124, 1–5, my child DID look to me to get his needs met. He came to me…



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