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Testimony of Tammi Stoos, Child Protection Social Worker — -

On page 201, numbers 8–9 I never said his criminal record was untrue.

On page 202,

On page 205, this was one of the first times we switched to a new place to have parenting time. Before we had parenting time at family services so the change in environment was different for me.

On page 208, Tammi Stoos makes a comments about what my son said the day I became angry and threw things during our visit. She said that he said that it wasn’t a big deal and that it happened “often.”

On page 211, she said that we talked about having video visits after some time and that I said I didn’t want to do them when that’s not true. I asked for them but she kept ignoring me.

She also said that she did not care what my therapist and I talked about just that I was seeking therapy in general.

On page 223 of the second set of court papers, numbers 13–18, I did not report that I was uncomfortable having a 3 way discussion with my providers. Ms. Stoos made that up because her and I talked about what we could do since I wasn’t comfortable signing a release of information.

On page 226, 13–14, Tammi says “often times” this is when she would end up in the hospital. I only went to the hospital 3 times for my mental health. She accused me of believing there was no help for me or that I need it or that I have the ability to get help. This is not true. She is putting words in my mouth making me look bad. Discriminating my mental health.

On page 227, number 6–11, she accuses me of not worrying about my sons needs, feelings or thoughts when I have proof that I contacted her asking about his feelings, his needs, and his thoughts.

Page 229, 1–2, I never said domestic violence wasn’t a “big deal.” She said “often times” refer to my previous relationships that she was in and that it wasn’t as bad as other times and then focus on those other people who didn’t get in trouble. This is not true.

On page 238, 8–14, Tammi Stoos said she asked me if I would sign another ROI and she said that I refused. No she never asked me. She said that there were other ways we can work around that and the most important thing was knowing that I was attending therapy.

On page 239, 6–10, she admits to never asking me about concerns of my son seeing domestic violence.



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