Helena-Marie Tompkins
1 min readSep 11, 2021

Here I took my own transcripts and sorted them into 4 themes. I sent themes of Tammi & Deena in the last email. I have noticed a lot of contradictions between my testimony and hers. The themes are the large effort I made of addressing my mental health consistently, the insights I have about the CPS case and taking responsibility for my actions, my views and perceptions of the parenting assessment with Deena, and being refused parenting time/being wrongfully accused of sleeping through meetings and the inaccurate assumption they made about me “failing to show up” for appointments (which happened only twice).

Mental health- pages 546–551, 562, 570, 590–591, 604, 608–609, & 611–615

More insights I have about mental health etc.

I attended the transitions program twice and completed them.

Responsibility & insight how my mental health affects my parenting- 542–544, 568, 577, & 584–587

Not getting Parenting time, case plan, & accusations of me sleeping through meetings- 589, 636, 530, 555,

Testimony about Deena- 571–576

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